The wider public needs to have faith in your financial reporting systems.

Auditing is one of our core services. We perform statutory audits and other audits of all kinds. Numerous leading medium-sized companies and those operating nationally and internationally – in a variety of legal forms – and industries already rely on the expertise of the BBK team. Particularly in this region, we are in great demand as a firm rooted in a long tradition. As experienced auditors, we attach great importance to the fact that the audit is more than just about issuing a statutory audit certificate. We take to heart the fact that audits raise the perceived reliability of information within the company, for all decision makers.

Your requirements – your benefits:

We ensure that the recipients can rely absolutely on your financial reporting process and on your reported financial situation. As your trusted local point of contact, we ensure quick decision‑making. We know the risks involved in your industry and in your company, and on this basis develop an audit strategy and an audit plan perfectly tailored to your circumstances. As an independent auditing company, BBK has the relevant expertise and experience from a wide variety of audits and consulting projects in the respective areas. For example, we also perform company valuations as an auditor. The high quality of our work has been publically recognised in past years, and indeed this year we were commended in Focus magazine’s comparative review. Our clients value our work and give us a lot of positive feedback.

Our expertise is in:

  • Auditing: statutory annual audit, voluntary annual audit
  • Evaluation work: business valuation
  • Special audits: special, audits, establishment, capital increases, assets in kind, misappropriation audit, financial statements
  • Non-Profit sector survey
  • MaBV survey

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Audit team:

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Norbert Beermann Thomas Bruns Christoph Krais
 Amélie Schewe  Sandra Elpers