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Once you start crossing borders with your business, tax issues become more complex

Our tax advice does not stop at Germany’s borders. Many of our clients have subsidiaries or shareholdings abroad. Therefore, one of our departments deals with international tax law. We can offer advice in questions of international tax law – both to international companies and to individuals. We can assist you with advice on and support with the relevant German and European tax rules and on double-taxation treaties. We advise companies on tax consequences, and on the establishment and maintenance of permanent establishments abroad. In particular, we can support you in strategic tax planning for the expansion of your business abroad.

We advise individuals and freelancers on the tax consequences of transferring residency and/or workplaces to foreign countries.

Your requirements – your benefits:

We look after tax-refund applications for our clients at home and abroad and advise companies and investors from home and abroad. It is sensible for individuals to seek professional assistance with regard to cross-border activities and assignments abroad in particular. Which is why we have specialists for all international tax matters.


Our expertise is in:

  • The application and interpretation of double-taxation treaties
  • Matters of European tax law
  • Transfer pricing, licences, levies etc. between associated companies
  • Structure of German investments abroad
  • Structure of foreign investment in Germany
  • Taxation of foreign revenue from capital
  • Taxation of foreign income from real estate
  • Taxation regarding gift and inheritance in cross-border cases
  • Taxation of capital appreciation on taking up residence abroad

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Team International:

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Thomas Bruns
Consultant for international tax law
Amélie Schewe